Hello Cadets!

The time has come for the annual sale of lottery tickets in support of the Ontario Provincial Committee. Selling these tickets are important because they help keep gliders flying and allow for more activities to be supported and attended by the squadron. To pick up your book of tickets, see a member of the sponsoring committee on a parade night. It is important that we sell all the tickets we can because any unsold tickets must be reimbursed to the O.P.C. at the cost of the squadron. Please make sure the ticket purchaser keeps their ticket stub as they can not receive their prize without it. Get selling!

Prizes for this year:

1st prize: 2020 Subaru WRX STI 4 door sport package

2nd prize: 2020 Subaru KV100-BRZ

3rd prize: 1 hour 4 person flight in a Lancaster bomber! This is a rare opportunity as this is one of only 2 airworthy Lancasters still in existence!

Additional prizes of 5000 dollars and 1000 dollars

The ticket must be filled out as shown below thanks!

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